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Video Editor & Motion Graphics Designer


Video Editor & Motion Graphics Designer

Suitable for any Social Media Platform

Skills Required:

Relevant educational experience (Video Editing/Motion Graphics degree)
Strong Communication and Presentation Skills in English & Hindi Language (both written and verbal)
Basic Knowledge of Adobe Suite of Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition)
Advanced Google Slides/Powerpoint Deck Preparation Skills

Roles and Responsibilities:

Understand the audience segmentation of the brand for whom the message/ advertisement has been created.
Provide with scording of the brand assets basis various parameters defined.
Give inputs on the existing video/advertisement in the form of observations and suggestions as per YouTube best practices.
Focus and analyze the advertisement on parameters like brand logo visibility, product visibility, ad duration, brand cues, product USP shown, etc.
Use data and research to shape the client’s narrative and suggest content/ video experiences tailored to the brand’s target audience.
Ensure that the message of the advertisement is consistent with the brand philosophy.
Help the brand to make their messaging (being done via video/ advertisement) more strategic, aligned and effective.
Study brand guidelines and be able to make creative designs within brand mandates.
Design storyboards, social media posts, interactive design concepts, motion creatives like GIFs and other creative elements for brands.
Ability to run design explorations, creating multiple options to react to and consider by the client.
Constantly research and proactively suggest creative designs/formats.
Trim footage segments and put together the sequence of the film.
Ability to discuss project timeline, narrative structure, story goals and more with the concerned stakeholders.
Prepare Client Ready Google Slide Decks adding components including brand logo, brand video, flimstrips.
You’ll be onsite with a team of talented puzzle-solvers focused on balancing best practices with tight timelines and Client expectations.
Layout and color are elements that will quickly become your best friends in this project.
You will make sure that deliverables adhere to guidelines, are consistent across formats, and look pixel perfect in any dimension and in any format.
You’ll help to direct the very things that will be produced, always helping to make sure that the work we produce meets the client’s strategy, brand, creative goals, and expectations.
Also, the confidentiality of our engagement means everything we do is top-secret and therefore, aka no portfolio pieces.
Work closely with client representatives, project managers and video editors to ensure each project is set up for success from start to finish

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